Welcome to KootenayWeddingServices.com.

Exposure on this site is an important part of reaching the thriving wedding market in the East & West Kootenays.

As a DJ, I’ve found that more information to this audience has brought fewer calls with questions and more calls and emails with orders. Web statistics show constant growth over the life of this site and unique visitors are now exceeding 2,000 per month. Our Google ranking is high and searches for weddings anywhere in the Kootenays reveals our listings. It is working for you 24/7, 12 months of the year and reaches prospective customers at the time of their choosing, when they are making important buying decisions.

You can use our site to:

  • Display your products or services
  • Advertise a sale or special offer
  • Tell us all about a Special Event or Award

KootenayWeddingServices.com Advertising Policy

FREE Listings + Extras

A basic listing is FREE and consists of your business's name, location, email, phone, and weblink.

Vendors are allowed to advertise free in two different categories. Listings in additional categories will be billed an annual charge of $25.

Listing in a region other than the one you’re located in costs $25.

Logo/image Link Button

I will create a logo/image link button for you for a one-time fee of $50. This enhances your listing by making it larger and more professional looking.

Banner Ads

Professionalize your listing and image with a banner ad. This feature offers a chance to provide viewers with a little more information about your business.

A banner ad that is 50 pixels deep can be had for a one-time cost of $50.

A banner ad that is 100 pixels deep is available for a one-time cost of $100.